The vault inspection is no good. Scrap it all.

So, I figure, cosidering there is such a small amount of traffic coming through here for the time being – why not treat those who are actually willing to come through?
We’ve recorded most of our material through the ages, good or bad recording, it still exists.
What’s the use in it sitting around?
What? Free new song you say?
Only for a week from the posting date.


We’re creating new lines of merch – a LOT of logo related ideas. Next post we might ask for opinions. Ideas possibly?
If you have one, use the logo on our site as a point of reference. Who knows, we just might use your design. With or without your consent.

Food for thought:
“While I think: here I lie under a haystack… The tiny bit of space I occupy is so minute in comparison with the rest of the universe, where I am not and which is not concerned with me; and the period of time in which it is my lot to live is so infinitesimal compared with the eternity in which I have not been and shall not be… And yet here, in this atom which is myself, in this mathematical point, blood circulates, the brain operates and aspires to something too… What a monstrous business! What futility!”


-R. Johnson



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9 responses to “The vault inspection is no good. Scrap it all.

  1. LetLiveLover

    Thanks for the free track guys!

  2. b

    straight up punk t shirts, white font, black t. im serious

  3. fab

    thanksss for the freebie.yay.

  4. b

    INTO IT. youre welcome

  5. dirtyjeeves


  6. Sam


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