Everything you know about wine tasting is a lie.

We’re touring next month.
Mr. Russell, unfortunately, isn’t joining us for this bout, so, we have another filling in for the month.
Who is going to be the touring guitarist? I guess you’ll just have to find out.
We have our entire cd completed – which we are possibly traveling to one of the original thirteen colonies to record.
You guessed it – North Carolina.(click to learn more.) A lot to offer.
Below is a video from a practice session the other night – which includes the awkward stillness of Brendens concentration during practice.
This is a new song that will be recorded on said album. Enjoy:

Food for thought:
Can religion and medicine coexist logically? If you are diseased or ill, couldn’t it be considered your gods will? A priest calling for a doctor seems quite absurd considering his god should treat whatever illness he is diagnosed with – and also, respectfully so, let the disease consume, if, in the end, the god so chooses. Correct me if I’m wrong, but, your personal choice to alter an act made by your god seems as though it is an act against your gods judgment.
Just a thought.

-R. Johnson



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4 responses to “Everything you know about wine tasting is a lie.

  1. Sam

    why are you going to north carolina?
    its pretty there at least

  2. there are people who don’t believe things “happen for a reason” and are still religious, you know. it is possible to believe in god and still realize that you are an individual in your life and no one but you can alter your life with your choices and the people you choose to surround yourself with. the reason people get sick can almost always be directly attributed to their lifestyles and choices they made, and since god doesnt pick what you do for you then no, it was not the will of god. since you made yourself sick it is your duty as a sane person to get medical help…or simply change your lifestyle.

    • theletlivecrew

      I completely understand where you are coming from – BUT, as we all know, the anglo-saxon god that everyone has come to love and believe in is all-knowing, and has already determined your future – exists in all points in time; omnipresent. The apocalypse has been planned out, and the fact that every single individual has so much free will, could, in the end, affect the outcome he has so masterfully put into play, or, the outcome he has observed, if, as you’ve implied, his hand is not a part of the useless and minute happenings of individual souls – don’t you think? Are you stating that he doesn’t see into the future?

      Einstein actually said at one point: “I believe in Spinoza’s God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fates and actions of human beings.” Now, if anything at all, that would make the most sense, considering our entire universe exists on a smaller scale. Everything is composed of atoms, and what atoms are composed of and so on and so forth – we are definitely not the center of the universe, so who is to say that we are the ultimate existent beings main focus?

      P.s. Your breather resist cd will be in shortly.

      • Well, I can only guess what the connection between our existence,God ,and our universe could possibly be haha. I see your points, i was just trying to throw out my perspective.

        oh, and thank you. I can’t believe you recognized me. HAHA.

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