Recycled carbon – you’ve always existed.


Label propositions have been fulfilled – we will announce the entire story at a later time. A lot of work to be done.

We will be heading out on another tour in August to arrive on the east coast and record – if you’d like to book us, just let us know. The tour goes two ways, and preferably the southern half of the U.S. en route to record.

New t-shirts will be posted shortly on our Merchnow account.


Food for Thought:

Let’s switch gears for a second and put this economy into perspective. People are referring to the depression in the twenties, explaining we are hitting just about the same low – percentage-wise. But, what people are not taking into account is modern society. In the twenties the amount of media that was produced and available for consumers was so sparse there was hardly any room to pull out of the hole they created – whereas, in this modern society, we have so many modes of communication and opportunities for advertisement, as far as sales and discounts are concerned, that the improving economy will come much quicker than they expect. Every company is in your face, choking you with their products and propositions that, purely based on general mass of the entire planet, it is statistically impossible for us to have a long recovery. Don’t be scared. You may lose your job – tough it out and you’ll be back on your feet soon enough.

-R. Johnson



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3 responses to “Recycled carbon – you’ve always existed.

  1. fab

    so, whatever happened to the possibility of that warehouse show??

    • theletlivecrew

      We’re still in the process of making it happen – we really want to. It’s all on the owners of the warehouse itself – as well as the filmers.

      It’ll happen, just might not be till after tour unfortunately.

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