And all because we stopped supporting local bands…

It’s gone far beyond any choice adjective, dialect, or slander. I’ve been keeping up with the moves of many in this scene, and I cannot begin to garner enough phrasing to describe to you how I feel. Hopefully if i give you the words fake, fuck (in all its variations: -ing, -er, etc), suck, dick and straight bitch ass niggas who keep it as real as Toon Town, you can go ahead and comprise a few statements directed towards this industry in like a wheel of fortune type manner. Fill in the phrase. I’ve done quite the share of mental documentation, only to find I’ve lumped all of these “bands” and “artists” into the same category I placed the 156th time I threw up on stage. A tab I labeled due to its disgusting recurrence and undeserved nature. This garbage heap of “who the fuck cares?” memories has become the apt position for most of your new favorite bands in Jason Aalon Alexander Butler’s cerebral archives.
For all of us to sit around and act as if this isn’t happening is just as bad, if not worse than being an actual shareholder in this hellacious stage. But who’s to blame? They solicit, we buy in. They pander, we get fucked (and get off). Who’s to blame? You’re to blame. Fuck ya, you are. You’re accepting responsibility because you’ve read this far and haven’t taken off that stupid fuckin’ dayglow shirt with some weird distorted mystical creature making a funny face while vomiting up the bands name at the bottom or middle of the shirt (remember when it was cool to put the name of the band down the side of the shirt?). You’re responsible because you’ve read this far and didn’t send your EX-favorite band a nasty myspace message displaying a months load of laundry listed reasons as to why you are relinquishing your title as their “*nUmB3r 1 F@N~~!!**”. I mention myspace message because I mean, how else would you get in contact with these musical deities? Myspace is obviously the only way you can even come close to these men and women (yes you unnaturally colored haired vixens play a staunch role in this too) who live at home with their parents and still find a way to act as though they live a life comparable to aerosmith when you ask them for a picture, and they turn their heads down and walk into their 12 passenger van. That takes moxie. That’s rock stardom (see: SARCASM). Don’t trip, I am also very self aware. I’m definitely to blame because I’m sitting here writing this lengthy temper tantrum instead of heeding the words of one of my most adored revolutionaries, Mr. Malcolm Little aka Malcolm X, and ending this shit as soon as possible “by any means necessary” (YOUTUBE.COM SEARCH-MALCOLM X BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY). Don’t worry Brokencyde, I aint gonna grab pops’ AK and blast you at the upcoming L.A. warped tour date. I’m just gonna steal your fans from you and dress them in much more fashion forward letlive merchandise (see: WWW.MERCHNOW.COM SEARCH-LETLIVE).

we’re all to blame.

And in assuming such a circumstance, it sheds light on what we all must do if we want to turn our radios on and hear real music again. Stop listening to/propagating/cheering for/swooning over/booking/acknowledging/buying merch from/GIVING CHANCES TO these horrible excuses for bands. I’ve said it before, being a hater can only be warranted to a certain extent. Since I do subscribe to the motto “to each his/her own” I could seem contradictory, but at this point, I don’t give a fuck. Let me put it this way- kids, over 65% percent of the shit you listen to and shovel mom and dad’s money into is straight garbage, the other 34.8% is contrived, and that last 0.2%…that’s letlive. That shit is real.

From here on out I will express my distastes, just as I will my esteem for this and that. Keep up with the blog, for I will try and commit to a weekly posting of text and/or video.

Sorry about the rant earlier.

No I’m not.

Food for thought:
so⋅lic⋅it [suh-lis-it]
1. to seek for (something) by entreaty, earnest or respectful request, formal application, etc.: He solicited aid from the minister.
2. to entreat or petition (someone or some agency): to solicit the committee for funds.
3. to seek to influence or incite to action, esp. unlawful or wrong action.
4. to offer to have sex with in exchange for money.

pan⋅der  [pan-der]
–noun Also, pan⋅der⋅er.
1. a person who furnishes clients for a prostitute or supplies persons for illicit sexual intercourse; procurer; pimp.
2. a person who caters to or profits from the weaknesses or vices of others.
3. a go-between in amorous intrigues.

Take a moment to compare the two

The 1st display of dudes dressing up like people of a dick sucking village was intentional because those dudes did suck dick and were proud of it. The 2nd, displays young men dressed like complete scene abiding fuck heads who may or may not suck dick (I will give them that grace since I cannot prove it yet), whose songs sound like they wrote them as they performed fellatio whilst sodomizing one another.
I’d much rather listen to the proud dick suckers who at least made one song I can shamelessly say I enjoy, than the ambiguous genre sampling dick suckers who have completely fucked various scenes and destroyed all progress made by white rappers in the past 25 years. Fuckin punks, frontin on the hustle.

-jason aalon



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20 responses to “And all because we stopped supporting local bands…

  1. Elijah

    I am, shocked, and morally satisfied.
    I agreed with you for a portion of that ‘rant’.
    but I would call it more of an expose.
    The..revealing light, or shred of hidden truth.

    I’ve been in the ‘scenes’
    Being a ‘hardcore musician’ myself
    i’ve been around the backstage once or twice

    Sadly to say, I have played/opened up for BrokenCyde.
    Needless to say, breakdowns don’t settle well
    with arrogant, sex obsessed, hairspray induced morons.
    Their music is disgusting, if not by his vomit-like vocals, then the lyrics full of saturated sex.
    And in all honesty (sounds like bad sex)

    The worst part is, The Village People, thats music.
    I can honestly I could sit down and listen to their gay butt snuggling banter of love.

    But bands like HollyWood Undead and Brokencyde, and shit like that are making an impression.
    Not saying any music is better than any other,
    But thats not music.

  2. theletlivecrew

    I would hate to sound like I wrote this blog for absolute bias reply, BUT I would be lying if i didn’t say your reply brought the biggest smile of the day to my face. That’s so comforting. Mad love.

  3. Ariel C.-Klamath Falls, OR

    I didn’t realize how far it goes.
    I go to the local shows, and support the music.
    I’m not apart of the “scene” but I can try to appreciate the music, whether it sounds like shit or not. I’m proud to read that I am not the only one who needs a rant about how ridiculous it has gotten. Brokencyde, enough said I’m sure. Everything, from the clothes and hair to the merchandise the bands sell to the those conformist crowds. Its not about the music anymore. When bands like Brokencyde are making a living about being 2drunk2drive and getting it up. Its all fucking image. And the image looks like shit. The ridiculous hair, and colours of the accessories. It is all a social scene, nobody truly knows whats up. It drives me crazy when I see the ladies with the $100 extensions, hair color, skinny jeans, dark make up, and whatever bullshit that goes with it. I don’t understand where it all came into play? That is what is apparently “cool” these days, 1,000s of bands that all sound the exact same. Everywhere you go, everyone looks the same. Dressed up like fucking mannequins from a hot topic. I guess you have to sell out to cash in though huh?
    But anyway, props to you, all the way.

  4. I grew up going to shows around Louisville, KY. There’s always been a huge scene around here. It was good for the longest time. The bands had talent, and each one had their own unique sound. As soon as neon colors and hair extensions were introduced and it became cool to be bulimic… everything was shot to hell. Everyone was in a band, bands would break up and form new ones… and the result of this… all bands sounding the same. People would actually set goals and have competitions to see who could sleep with the most people and do the most coke without getting caught over the summer.

    Wait weren’t we talking about the scene… as in music scene? Yeah, we were… until the scene lost its music.

  5. Sandra

    Why do “unknown” bands always complain about “untalented” bands ending up in the spotlight? Why do they always blame them for being scene and untalented?
    Why do you even care about Brokencyde for?
    You aren’t forced to listen to them, you aren’t forced to go see them or any other “popular” band live.
    If they managed to get that many people to listen to them and become so big, they must’ve done something right.
    Yes, Brokencyde make bad songs about sex. So does rappers. Do they get shit for it? No. Do they get any shit for looking exactly the same? No.
    I’m tired of people ranting about bands being untalented just because they have a certain look(the scene look).
    So what? Just deal with it, just like everybody else deals with rappers, popstars, disneystars etc.
    At least some of these “scene” bands write their own songs, play their own instruments and doesn’t use autotune like a lot of RnB and Pop artists do nowadays.

    There are thousands of radio stations today and all of them doesn’t play “popular” music. Just don’t listen to the big radio stations if you don’t want to hear “untalented” bands.

    One thing I’ve noticed about unknown bands I’m friends with on MySpace is that they expect their “fans” to do all their work. A bunch of bulletins about that they should tell their friends about them, add a song as their profile song, get them more friends etc. and this is mostly from American bands.
    I have a few friends who play in bands and they’ve managed to go on European tours because they’ve become friends with other bands and exchanged shows instead telling their “fans” what to do.
    Make YOURSELF a name and not others.
    Some bands seem to think that fame will hit them at a certain amount of MySpace friends.
    Some bands also seem to think that their “fans” are going to travel another country to see them instead of them, the band, going there themselves.
    MySpace doesn’t automatically give a band a career.
    My friends have managed to release their own CDs because they’ve worked their way up. They began locally, contacting a local studio to record and then they work their way forward to get someone to make the CDs for a cheap price and then they’ve handed them out to CD stores here and sent them to different radio stations in other countries.

    And to Ariel, how come you’re tired of those people and not the kids(celeb-wannabes) who use their rich parents money to buy hair-extensions and expensive fashion clothes they wear once?

    • theletlivecrew

      well I suppose this is where we’re suppose to combat this reply with why we’re a ‘real band’ and why ‘unkown’ bands like ourselves need to call attention to those gaining fame through complete fabrication. while I suppose that is the anticipated reply, it won’t be what we’re going to do. Instead we’ll make it clear that not once in that blog did I self proclaim letlive as being anything better than our friends brokeNCYDE, and I apologize for using them as the emblem for musical debauchery. This blog was not a plot to get everyone to talk shit about this band. Or to gain any clout by starting ‘band beef’. Because I can assure you, none of these niggas want it wit j. They were simply used as an example because they happen to be the most full of shit band on my youtube radar at the moment. There are plenty of other bands just as shameful as these gentlemen. I just didn’t consider it as tactful to sit and list all the bands doing this same exact thing. I figured it would be assumed by our reader that they encompass all the bullshit.
      Typically I wouldn’t warrant such a generalized and unknowledgeable post (I’m not at all trying to be a dick. I use these terms because I don’t think you attempted to actually read and understand the post, as you wrote the things you wrote that shined very general light on a very particular topic), but I think it will also clear up a lot of aspects I think were overlooked in all that verbiage. So here, let me tell you what I meant and how you getting upset for me calling out the indiscretions of these false idols who exploit very impressionable kids. I repeat, KIDS. The successors and future of our world who will take this influence in as their guiding light to living an awesomely crunk and appealing social life before they’re old enough to curb pre-ejaculation while watching that androgynous vixen known as Jeffree Star provocatively galavant across the warped tour stage. Before I continue I would like to point out the credit I just gave Mr./Mrs. Star. I have credited Jeffree because he broke into the scene with this vibe years ago. In such a manner that would make RuPaul grant some gay kudos with a kiss on the cheek and flamboyant hand wave. He owned this shit, capitalized, and held it down. I don’t give a fuck what yall say..that nigga held it down. Simply put, Sandra. I don’t give a fuck if you’re popular for beginning an atrocious trend. Because as stated in the first post, to each his/her own. My problem lies in the regurgitation of these trends that were already two hairs away from being absolutely unbearable and pushing them leaps and bounds beyond ‘fuckin full of it’. Fun is fun, but influence is deadly and unaccounted for by many of these bands. Not just brokencyde (I have now relieved them of the full weight of the situation. So now hopefully you can untwist your panties and post a reply with proper tense and syntax once you’ve calmed down. I’m hoping it was the frustration that butchered your grammar) but anyone in any scene, anywhere, promoting horrible renditions of something that once was so fucking powerful. That is music itself. The essence and the power. So get those facts straight.
      Now on to another fact your powerful opinion seemed to be impervious to. You mention bands working for themselves, structuring relations, pretty much honing on the D.I.Y. code in more or less words. This will be hard to assimilate into your brain because I’d have to start from scratch because I think it’s safe to say, you have no fucking clue about the efforts of the common day D.I.Y. band. In the concern for time, I’m not going to hold your hand through this ethical dilemma which I’ve discussed time and time again with both people I find very out of touch with the plural system of beliefs, as well as some of my best friends. All I will say is this..if you need to compromise your own integrity, that is, integrity you have established for yourself, then that is when you’re doing yourself a disservice. Nobody can tell you you’re wrong if you truly believe in what you’re doing. But there is a very clear line drawn between good and evil. So for you to sit on your computer and write things like “One thing I’ve noticed about unknown bands I’m friends with on MySpace is that they expect their “fans” to do all their work. A bunch of bulletins about that they should tell their friends about them, add a song as their profile song, get them more friends etc. and this is mostly from American bands.” and “Yes, Brokencyde make bad songs about sex. So does rappers.” (god dammit, there’s that fuckin’ grammar again) has thrown me through a fuckin’ loop because you can’t seem to wrap your head around the differences I noted in the original post. I did not say ‘WE’RE THE BEST BAND OUT THERE. LISTEN TO US. DO WHAT WE SAY’. Nor did I say “MYSPACE WILL MAKE US FAMOUS, I JUST KNOW IT!!” so for you to come here and rave with such conjecture is completely nullified when I realize that you are one this forum simply to state your superfluous point, with no real comprehension of my band, or any other band for that matter. Even our boys brokencyde. Because if you did, you would have engaged in a much more tactful position of antagonism and known at least that we here at letlive, are exactly that band you so thoroughly described in your brief “what bands should know about making a name for themselves” seminar. We couldn’t care less about the number that our friend count displays, but funny enough, you do. You were presumptuous enough to mention this. We would never tell our fans and friends what to think and where to go in their lives, but for some reason you feel threatened when we propose another way of thought, just as a consideration. I’d like to end this post by stating this. Maybe there’s a lot more to this whole music scene than you’ve tried to understand. All I was saying was, there’s bullshit that niggas do for fun and own up to, then there’s bullshit that niggas do that aint understood as fun and bullshit and that’s when kids start portraying poor renditions of the lives of shitty, apathetic, heartless, fake ass rock stars. Take a second, and think about that. Because there is a difference.

      Lastly, as for the rappers that “does” also talk about chauvinistic, degrading, violent, mindless things. They can do that, because they made it possible to get paid by the world for exploiting their own imperfections and rags to riches stories. Ya, I’m bias, so what. Don’t you ever call out the hood in one of my blogs ever again. I’ll fuckin pistol whip you like Big Pun did to his pregnant wife. 😉

      Nah I’m playin, gurl. You know I love you.


  6. White Rapper 2009-forever

    fuck Doc Hollywood
    and fuck 3oh!3

    and fuck me

  7. White Rapper 2009-forever

    oh and fuck the black eyed peas

    im tired of turning on the radio and hearing the sounds of my dick impregnating a young wilderbeast..

  8. Straight Edge

    I can relate to almost all of what you said. I’m not really sure how I ended up on this blog, seeing as I am not a fan of letlive, but that was good ranting material. I am usually the antagonist of this “new-hardcore” scene (the ones who sing through nasally vocals, about cooperation with friends and loving your parents). I grew up listening to bands like Minor Threat, D.Y.S., Agression, Bad Brains, (etc. blah,blah,blah) and I found myself to this day thoroughly involved with the re-emerging 80’s hardcore scene in the 2000’s (Bad Reaction, Government Warning, Social Sickness). I have always hated, and I mean seriously hated, fans of letlive, circa survive, and all that shit for stealing the term hardcore, but for some reason I have always had a silent respect for letlive. I didn’t get involved in music to see untouchable rock gods play on 15-foot high stages, who have accessibility to managers, tour buses, and a seemingly endless supplies of money to buy hairspray, tattoos, and cocaine. Letlive may not be the kind of music I want to listen to, but I can respect and admire the D.I.Y. based actions you have taken as a band, compared to most other “new-hardcore” bands. When I burn the world to the ground, I’ll make sure to tape off a small section for the letlive crew, and anyone else who wants to drop their front and enter reality.

  9. mark twain

    man fuck calculator, bitch ass niggas

  10. Sam

    I have been going to warped tour since I was 12 years old, and I remember the awe I felt for the sheer range in music I was able to hear on one day, let alone in 6 hours. I went to warped tour again this year and felt sad. Almost all the bands sounded one way or another, they were eather what is now termed as “metal-pop” (I.E. devil wears prada, a day to remember) or some kind of electro rap conglomerate (I.E. 3oh3, Millionares). I found myself hanging out at the old punk stage, ya that is actually what its called, just so I could hear the music I heard the first time I went to warped, dude Guttermouth was on that stage, they aren’t even that old! At the end of the day I love music and I love local and non local bands, but making a band just cause it’s popular is a blueprint for disaster. Oh and if you really are gonna be at LA warped, check out the Bridge Nine tent they are selling shirts that say “fuck you and your neon shirt”, though that didn’t stop girls in neon shirts from buying them.

  11. sandra sucks

    she probably looks like this

  12. A L:on

    I don’t get it.

  13. A L:on

    Holy shit son. I just watched the FREAXXX video.
    They are just about as “clown shoes” as JaRule.
    it’s mur-dahhhhh.

    letl:ve is the greatest LA band since Guns and Roses

    quote me on that shit

    • theletlivecrew.

      yo. If anyone is gonna feel me on this shit, it’s my nigga aTOM from the l:ons. yall niggaz need to get right wit your scene claim and peep the pioneers who paved the local grounds for you.

      l:ons (we are lions, for those of you who aren’t mindful of progress). peep em, absorb, and take notes. I aint fuckin around. do it.

      ya boy

  14. Emiko

    Ha, frontin on the hustle for real.

  15. Emiko Again

    Oh, Sandra. Girl. I just read your post and both your arguement and grammar were all sorts of incorrect.

  16. Justin

    How did I some how know you were going to put a pic of that fucking band, but the village pep was curveball. All in all I love it 🙂

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