Appreciation unappreciated.

It seems like we’re finally on the subject of music.
Seems a bit silly we were not speaking of it sooner, but, I suppose we got a bit carried away otherwise.
How about this: Some music I enjoy, personally. Check it out.
Let’s do this by album – I know, it’s a lot to listen to, but, one day, you’ll have to learn to have patience with music – why not start now?

Jackie Mclean – New Soil
Genre: Jazz.
If you’re new to jazz, he is definitely where you need to start. Amazing intensity. Very interesting harmonic progressions. One of the few within his era to explore free jazz. Jazz is typically quoted and flaunted by a select few (possibly more), when trying to explain broad musical taste, as if it instantly puts you on the map as a relevant musician, or at least relevance within your insight regarding music – but, when you hear this record, you will actually understand and appreciate jazz. Possibly open a few doors and create a humble appreciation. Hopefully it will interest you otherwise within the genre.
Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest
Genre: Acoustic Rock/Indie.
I was recomended these guys by one of my close friends. This is their newest cd. Great, innovative vocal harmonies and intelligent songwriting. I know, I know. You refuse to be one of those indie kids – sporting the fedora the explorer look. Some things you have to suck up and look passed the people associated to appreciate. Once again: patience.
Neil Young – Live at Massey Hall 1971
Genre: Neil young. Enough said.
Now if you haven’t listened to Mr. Young by now, you have a slight problem – nicely put. If you hate him, this will change your mind. Very personal, intimate, natural, live recording. I don’t care how god damn tough you are, if this cd doesn’t make you tear up, simply based on its pure beauty, you’re worthless – or something along those lines.
Benny Goodman – Sing, Sing, Sing
Genre: Swing.
Introduction to swing. I know, your grandma and grandpa listen to this shit, and you hate it when they do to this day. But, take a step back – listen to the genius of the band and the complexity of rhythm. Everything working harmoniously, on seperate patterns. I’m 99% certain you’re used to hearing the endless pounding of the new “club remix”, with a kick beat on the first and third of every four count, and you think it makes you want to dance, but, tell me you don’t feel like picking up some swing lessons, then pull them off with a girl out on the dance floor after listening to this. Your grandparents knew what was up, now it’s your turn.
The Zombies – Odessey and Oracle
Genre: 60’s Brit Pop.
Easily one of my favorite cd’s of all time. You’ll most probably recognize “Time of the Season”, as it was their most popular. Great vocal harmonies, as well as very easily recognized after only one listen. It sticks, and won’t leave. This cd was recorded AFTER they broke up – imagine the tensity in the studio, and the diametric result of genius and beauty.
Botch – We Are the Romans
Genre: “Mathcore”
I’m sure this is pretty much standard as of recent – considering every kid tries to find the most popular, obscured band to solidify their credibility whilst speaking of music – more specifically within the hardcore/metal realm. But, the great thing about this band, to me, personally, is the raw nature of their recording and song structure. If you’re going into the studio as a hardcore/metal band, and you need some pointers as to how to approach your recording, I’d check them out. Even if it’s just to see what differences you can understand, and somewhat implement. Otherwise, they are intense, they are chaotic, and they are real. If you’re going to filter out the bullshit within the related scene, this is one of the saviors.

Here are a list of givens, without explanations – certainly because they dont need one:
Radiohead – Amnesiac/Kid A/Hail to the Thief/In Rainbows/ANY live recording you can find online.
The Smiths – Meat is Murder.
Poison the Well – Versions.
Rage Against the Machine – Evil Empire.
Bob Dylan – The Times They Are A Changin’.
Converge – No heroes.
Joy Division – Closer
Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

That is more than enough to last you for a week or two.

We are going to be in North Carolina, recording our new record, August 19th – September 16th.
Excited? We are, even if you are not.

Food for thought:
Solemnity in silence. Beauty in undisturbed silence. Don’t disrupt it. Appreciate and enjoy it. You might need some after an overload of music – or life. Those are the best moments you will ever enjoy.

-R. Johnson



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8 responses to “Appreciation unappreciated.

  1. ellie.


    out of all the amazing converge CD’s you pick no heroes?! what about jane doe? what about you fail me? and when forever comes crashing?!!!!!!!

    anyway, I think you definately need to listen to some stuff I think you might like/not know about. I’ll message your band thingy. all creepy and shit.

    • theletlivecrew.

      I would enjoy that.
      Reason I stuck to no heroes, was purely because the others were obvious.
      Suggestions otherwise would be incredible.
      Creepy is okay.

  2. yousef

    read this. you guys deserve it. and tell me what you think!

    • theletlivecrew.

      just saw this link. disappointed that I wasn’t able to give my 2 cents earlier, but that is besides the point.
      point is…this is rad. do you know the source of this manifesto? or I suppose a better question would be by what or whom were you made aware of this? posts with substance. I’ll take it.

      jason aalon

      • yousef

        it’s alain badiou, a ph-rench philosopher who’s mainly concerned with how new things come to be. i think that manifesto was published in a lacanian psychoanalytic magazine. i just found it online.

        and yeah, were in a drought of newness in art right now. thankfully, letlive is bringing some in the hardcore category. <33

      • yousef

        oh, and if you like his views on art, read his Handbook of Inaesthetics. its dense and difficult, but rewarding. (lol, i sound like i’m advertising him)

  3. theletlivecrew.

    yousef, thank you so much. I will definitely make some time to delve into this man’s dense perception. I’m so very satisfied in the direction this blog has taken. This being a palpable reason as to why. Keep it coming, people. Please. Hell ya, yousef. Hell ya.

    jason aalon

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