Recording in Charlotte, North Carolina

We arrived in Charlotte, NC on Aug. 19th with the intention to stay for a month and record a new album with the insatiable and incorrigible Kit Walters (check out his rad band Scapegoat).  From the distance of the west coast it’s easy to imagine the “south” as hyper-conservative bible belt xenophobes but the fact of the matter is that southern hospitality is alive and well.  Everyone has been so nice and hospitable it’s almost a shame we don’t see more sincere friendliness like this at home…minus the confederate flag patch we saw at the airport, still a little conflicted about that one.  The drums are done and guitars are damn close and it’s sounding really fucking good.  Seriously, brace yourself.  Here’s a little taste of the exploits so far and check back for some updates along the way.


Alright passengers, we’re beginning our decent into Charlotte, North Carolina. If you look to the left you’ll notice tourists being gobbled up by enormous alligators.


Guarding the outlet next to Budget for three hours.


Kit Walters on the one’s and two’s. lovelovelovelovelove


We’re recording with lasers this time around.


Unfortunately, Jason’s best friend had to hear him being torn limb from limb by the native North Carolinian spotted puma.


Sometimes Jason wins, sometimes rock wins.  Busted lip and bump on the forehead post-Charlotte house show.


Yummy organic bistro type cafe. Notice the L hands, no they are not gangster signals.


Anthony and Kit collaborating on the final touches.


Homegirl was loving life.


flashing lights and bells and whistles and knobs and rawk


Lookin pretty good kinda, we have great personalities I swear.



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15 responses to “Recording in Charlotte, North Carolina

  1. Jonathan Achebe

    when am i getting my album?
    oh, and tour the east coast niggaz.

  2. gregg

    with this album and the new glassjaw, i should be set for life. can’t wait, guys.

    • theletlivecrew.

      we promise you a “set for life” mental offering once this album drops. that’s a promise gregg. love.

    • Anonymous

      interesting you mention glassjaw. i’ve noticed a lot of worship and tribute to the gj in letlive tunes in the same way that daryl palumbo made tribute to bands like bad brains, mind over matter, neglect, and frank zappa. to name a couple: the opening riff to adjectives might work sounds like tip your bartender. speak like you talk ends with that intense “this is fellowship not follow ship, not to be confused as the ships bow martyr, as it sinks” in much the same fashion as EYEWTKAS’s big finish of “pack your shit and leave and take my memories of her with you. i don’t need to know.” letlive doesn’t fuck around. much love from the city of champions. peace.

      • theletlivecrew.

        Inglewood, stand up.

      • dan the man

        nah. beck’s a jew and has a time machine, so he and daryl went to the future to see what kinda tunes letlive was cookin up. the jaw actually ripped jason butler. who’d’a thunk it? only the jewish grinch justin beck. jews. juice. word.

      • theletlivecrew.

        finally… someone who knows how it really went down.

        good man, “dan the man”

      • gregg

        hahahahaha thats priceless. either way, theyre the only two hardcore bands left that matter right now with jaw as the beast of the east and ll. as the best of the west. gj, letlive, and freddie jackson in one show: sex.

      • dan the man

        lolz. letlive vs. glassjaw = 2pac vs. b.i.g.
        too bad 2pac’s better.

  3. Anonymous

    letlive is back. all the competition is dead. cant nobody fuck wit the revolution.

    • theletlivecrew.

      we love having such cognizant family.
      dear anonymous,
      you’re god damn right. can’t wait to revolutionize with you in the crew.

  4. Cebrael

    nyc tour? maybe next year? pleeeeaaaase?

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