The opulence of royal courting.



Sometimes when you want something bad enough, it seems like it’s impossible to obtain.
But you get it.
We’ve wanted this since the beginning of humankind and its values – since Ba‘al Zebûb was cast down to his impetuous, fiery kingdom. (Oh, by the way, that never happened.)
So, what is this?
This is the accumulation of years of hard work – a lot of what you kids call D.I.Y. ethics.
Personally, I think the term itself is overly exhausted.
Hard work – good work ethic.
If you are incessant enough, things occasionally work out.
It is damn beautiful.
The representation of a little hard work is here.
You can have a piece of, and experience a little of what we have gone through.
The outcome – the eternally gratifying aftereffect.
Well, at least a fragment of it.
The other ten or so examples will take a couple of months time.
This all means a lot to us, and we hope it will affect you one way, or another – good or bad.
Affects are what we aim for.

Food for thought:
Fake history.
Click on the links I’ve provided, and please study. Fear tactics are very profitable.

-R. Johnson


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