After years of seeming like the band that “says something”. After writing blogs with such verbiage. After playing music “for ourselves” for so long. Where does that leave you? What is left to say? Or write? Or perform?
A lot of time has been spent discussing the nature of music and various scenes (Typically, I would have quoted that word, but I’ve already used too many quotation marks. Forgive me). A lot of time has been spent telling you about what we had in store, and what we promised to do as a band. But today I’m not going to discuss any of the aforementioned bullshit. Today, we’re going to talk about the other half of letlive. Today we’re going to talk about you. You are the sole reason letlive has been able to be “that” band. Say “those” things. You are the reason letlive has played “those” shows for these past years. That is placed as a priority, on the “things we need you to understand” list. Leaps and bounds before any of the politics ideologies, essence or sentiments, of this band. We need you to understand that this is something that cannot and will not be done without you. Many bands will claim the ode to the esoteric and never credit the hundreds of thousands that comprise that legion of fanship. Fuck all that. We will swallow pride on a blog to say, ‘thank you’ to the people that allow us to continue as the band we set to be years ago. We will say ‘thank you’ and still be way more mysterious than your last favorite band that wore make up, dark clothes, and relied on depressing subject matter. And regarding the esoteric realm…we’re totally out of the box because I just slipped in a word that isn’t even in the dictionary…yet. (see: fanship)
Before this turns into another message of excess, I will jump to the point. We trust and believe in our fans and friends. And with that being said we are doing something we have never done before and we’re asking for help. More so, we’re sparking the union between you and letlive. If this is to become anything, it’s going to need support on all ends. We trust and belive in our friends. We’re not going to tell you to PUT LETLIVE ON YOUR MYSPACE/FACEBOOK/TWITTER PAGE everyday, from this day forth until months after the album is released. Nor would we tell you to PUT [FAKE HISTORY] OR [ll.] OR [THELETLIVECREW] OR [FAKE HISTORY 2/23] NEXT TO YOUR USERNAME OR ANYWHERE ON YOUR PAGE OR OTHERS. We aren’t going to perpetually stress that we have STARTED THELETLIVECREW COMMUNITY AND YOU SHOULD ALL INQUIRE. Nah, we aint gonna do all that. We’re just going to ask you to support us. Support us however you see fit. We’re just going to ask you to support us in confidence that you will also benefit. This entry has already reached its capacity so I’ll leave explanation for a later date to unfold itself naturally. But we want to make it clear that we believe in you. Just like we so arrogantly believe in ourselves. We know that we can entrust these methods in you. We know this because you’ve already proven wise by holding us down in the first place. Like I said, we would never tell you what to do. If anything we would only suggest things to consider. Thank you. Thank you a thousand times over. And thank you in advance for promoting our band heavily on your choice social networking/blogging/forum/
..really cool bands to listen to/ site. We know you’ll make the right decision.

with more love than any other band that has closed an entry with the word “love”,



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6 responses to “FAKE HISTORY 2010

  1. Anonymous

    first of all, im beyond stoked ! 🙂
    but a few questions, if i may:
    (1) is lemon party gonna be on the record in some way ? i love that song to death ! it may be my favorite song. period. if its not i want the non-myspace version with good quality, now.
    (2) is that “untitled” song from youtube gonna be on it ?
    (3) where tha youtube vidz gone ?
    (4) i love you.

    • theletlivecrew.

      (1) lemon party will not be on the record, but in fact will be released in all of its revamped glory later this year. this is due to various things we have decided as a band, but as we’ve said before, we do everything we do with our friends in mind. so trust that it’s belated release will only enhance its sonic charisma.
      (2)”untitled” song: see previous mention (1)
      (3)we are unaware of the youtube vidz absence. ??
      (4)i fuckin’ love you


  2. Anonymous

    oh and one more thing.
    who is this ? it will eat at me all day if i dont find out.

  3. J

    dood this isnt letlive but that pic is from A Goofy Movie. best toon. fuckin canned cheese lmao.

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