We never claimed to be a political band-

Nor did we ever say we were not….

Overlooking our provocative vagueness, there is something I’d love to share. Proof that there are still modules working within this systematic puppet show that we pay our taxes in support of that make me smile. Here is a New York senator who is clearly that kid with an orthodox Jewish background  who rejected his upbringing when subscribing to one of the most fervent counter cultures of the late 1970s. Only to later concede his intellect and actually fall in line as an inherently well off Jewish man and study law like his father wanted while simultaneously badgering the system from the inside. Which, thanks to Matthew Lillard in “SLC Punk”, we all know is the best way to be truly punk rock and take it down. Take these 5 minutes and smile with me.

You’re probably all curious as to where we stand with all this, huh?

Totalitarianism 4 lyf3!!


jason aalon



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3 responses to “We never claimed to be a political band-

  1. Ella B

    lol, “weiner.” at first, with the description, i thought this brosef would be another dickless Bernard Henri-Levy, but his balls are bigger than that. i smiled with you. too bad the dems are full of ass, too.

  2. rj

    and he’s old friends with jon stewart!

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