captured on (still) film

We really like photos. Always have. When we decide to take them, it usually takes an additional month for us to actually get our ideas synced and make a decision on where, and how, and why we’re taking them. The following are some photos we had taken by my very talented and photographically charismatic friend, Sam Muller ( We love these, and we’re very harsh critics. Which, in turn, means you’re gonna be obsessed. Feel free to take these photos. Post them in the body of a post titled ‘I love how cool my favorite band looks in these photos’. Use them as a background image on your computer. Print them on 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 high gloss photo paper, put them in your wallet and show people pictures of ‘your friends in a band’. Take your pick (no pun intended until just now, when I was reviewing the post. Now it’s sort of intended…kinda)

jason aalon



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2 responses to “captured on (still) film

  1. Anonymous

    take ma picturee

  2. dramamezzo

    i love these pictures too. Good job Sam;-)

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