I believe that I went to my first live punk show when I was 14 years old. That was at least 10 years ago ; ). In the time since then I have been attending shows regularly, and then not so regularly, and then almost never.

In the early years of my live music career I was fascinated, and shows were full of emotion, and originality. After about 10 years of that I sort of felt as if I have seen everything that could happen at a show. As well I feel that the bands that I was watching gave the feeling that they have done it too many times that it wasn’t fun anymore.

The bands that I liked, and similar bands got signed to major labels and things “changed” as they do in the world. The beat went on, and I stopped paying attention.

Little did I know that there were still bands out there that were writing about how they felt, and playing on emotion. Little did I know that I was good friends with some of those bands.

Exactly three nights ago I got a text from my good pal Jason Butler telling me that his band is going to play a free show at a bar in Hollywood. It was just the right price to get me to drive to Hollywood to hang with my friends. Exactly one day after I got the text I arrived at the hipster crowded bar, and quickly realized how out of my element I was and found myself watching the time pass until the band that I came to see was to take the stage. When my friends’ band hit the stage I was instantly grateful that I made the drive.

They are called Letlive, and I have not heard their new cd yet, but I will say this with zero regret: if the cd sounds half as good as they sounded on the stage at a small run-down bar with shitty sound-it will be AT LEAST the best cd of the last 2 years. This endorsement does not come because I have seen these kids practically grow up, or because they asked me to, I am just so excited to see a band that made me feel the way I did when I went to my first show.

They made me remember what it’s like to be inspired by somebody else. Do yourself a favor and click this shit for their myspace.






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2 responses to “VACHIERCLOTHING.COM on the ll.

  1. Sarah

    =) … I got chills from reading that. I’m with you on that one … this band has given me hope for new music. Good people making amazing music! Nothing greater than that! I hope Letlive goes on making their REAL music with their REAL hearts for as longs as they can. Complete admiration and respect for ll. Much love.

  2. Anonymous

    baby baby

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