we need for you to talk about this. talk about this with everyone. everywhere.

we need for you to post this. post it everywhere.

we need to thank you for everything. and we will. on april 11, 2010. ll.ove.

COPY AND PASTE AND DO RIGHT: <img src=http://img715.imageshack.us/img715/4615/releaseflyer.jpg>

we have chosen very specific and minimal support acts for very particular reasons. they are amazing and will only add to the artistic dynamism of this night. check them out before the show so you are privy and look knowledgeable when they play songs that you can say you know.

myspace.com/colorchromatic our boys who have set their feet in a ready position in the punk/thrash/progressive/jam core and seem to have no trouble continually shaking your foundation while simultaneously reshaping theirs. that means they’re good and better than a whole bunch of other bands since we picked them and not another punk/thrash/progressive/jam core band.

myspace.com/sirahone within the annals of hip hop you will find many records and etchings on the walls depicting the rise and fall of great MCs. What you won’t find are female MCs who have found a way to channel the essence of hip hop while simultaneously exhibiting some of the most progressive notions toward art, pop, and hip hop since… (well that’s gonna remain blank until someone can tell me another chick who did it like this. Maybe if missy listened to Joni Mitchell she’d be in the runnings). You won’t find em in the hip hop record halls. You’ll find her here at our cd release show playing right before us. Honestly, it’s some undeniable shit. So don’t worry about admitting to your friends that this little chick with an underground attitude lined with pop sensibilities is what you’ve been vibin’ on for the past couple weeks. It’s ok…she’s with us.





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