Le Prologue
there are no martyrs in resolution
if you remain still, don’t expect restitution
stand up
you cannot argue with evolution
all we are certain of is death and excuses
stand up
no worthy icons, no revolution
if you remain seated, expect destitution
stand up
I am the martyr of evolution
rather than die, I’ll provoke execution
stand up

well hello,
now I’m on my way to the sun
just to take him on for the place of…

The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion
I met a man at church on saturday
he said I’m here because I’m sick
and after sick I’ll be dead
and once I’m dead I’ll be saved

I played an atheist on judgment day
If we’re all here because we are picked
well I was picked with no faith
so once I’m saved don’t mean shit

I can tell we found the rhythm
and oh…we can obey
but if they don’t pray
then they don’t mean a thing

I got my fathers stitch on mother’s day
it does appear life’s a bitch
but I’m a dick just the same
because we’re the same don’t mean shit

we can’t all forget how to be son of man

afraid that the wait has only
given away this opportunity
lucky for me, the sun it sets
and it sets on and on again

they learn the sea, for they will swim
I will learn the sea tonight. I will learn.
they learn the sea [they’re gonna burn tonight], for they will swim [they’re burning now] I bet they cannot, forget their landmark

I met a man at church on saturday
He said I’m here because I’m sick
but we all drop just the same
and when we drop we will learn to bounce

I believe in everything you tell me because
I believe in everything you show because
I can see it all

Having trouble getting over insecurities?
I am the wall
if you cannot forget this I will remain
you will not fall
I found that the wait has only
given away this opportunity
lucky for me, the sun it sets
it sets on and on, again

we all can’t be a sun of man

Renegade 86
you said it was a boy that bears your name
but eighteen’s a man
I know everything they know
yes I’ll bear your name
yes I’ll wear that crown
heavy lies that thing, I know
[I will dance by myself atop my early grave, so come on mother fuckers]

here in the sun, there’s only fifteen minutes of fun
[hope we tan and hope we can burn up]
and I will stare at the eclipse just to believe it. so what?
[hope we tan and hope we can burn up]

if it wasn’t for the boy that bears your name
well you’d be the man
it’s a damn good thing you know
that there’s no shame in stepping down
as long as this boy steals the show
they said you’re nobody until someone kills you
that’s what B.I.G. said so I do too

ya, I gotta copyright
oh ya, I’m writing all the books
[I’m the record book]
copyright, I gotta copyright
[all the record books]
and tonight I’m signing all your books
[sign the record, I’m the record books]

and we, ya we can, all burn up

y si me encuentras sangrando llamo los vampiros
ay mi hijos

if I started bleeding today
call up every vampire you know
I just wanted all my children, all my kids to know that..

if we are the faithful living, then we are the grateful dead

put me in the bed and give me what I want
I’m tired of the mattress we use it too often
and I will wait for it
I’ll put you in the bed if that’s what you want
use your body to hammer the nails in my coffin
and I will wait for it

if we’re playing musical chairs
on the decks of titanic’s you know
all of us are racing for the seat nailed to the bow
and I want all my kids to know that
when I started drowning today
everyone was diving in to know

if we are the faithful living, then we are the great

Casino Columbus
the opposition is now for sale
so the Santa Maria has caught wind and will set sail
the opposition was there for us to take
set our feet in position and march on, and on, conquest
take it back, wrap, then you give it to me
Indian giving them bootlegs
we love the ones presented on their own time

I feel sick from the blankets they gave me

lock, stock, and then you’re ready to pay
but they aren’t for sale
so we’ll rock the slots in an American way
in Casino Columbus

you see meek opposition
was there for us to take
how did I know we had permission?
we had guns loaded with faith
so keep on dancing and giving to me
history will one day realize
we’ll keep on dancing until
we lose our feet

lock, stock, and then you’re ready to pay
but they aren’t for sale
so we’ll rock the slots in an American way
in Casino Columbus
hot shots every day by day
buy something else
so we’ll rock the slots in an american way
in Casino Columbus

I want to be the bourgeoisie, but I don’t have blue blood in my veins
but I did see the vampirous pilgrim drop a few red drips from his fangs

stick your finger down the throat of your freedoms
and let it all purge on out
tell the modest and the faithful
we aint shit

rest easily in the bed of another man’s tired old queen
I cannot wait for love if it comes as fast as he did
rest easily in the bed of another man’s tired old queen
I cannot wait for love, but if it’s coming as fast as he did well, shit
that’s two minutes well spent that she spent with him

so stay home
in bed alone

and all because of you now I can’t stand it
in all that I do, all that I do, I see the scarlet branding
mother, you know I’m sorry, but sorry’s pregnant with remorse
and when remorse is born remorse won’t see an ounce of child support

wait eagerly. because tonight I’m another man’s brand new queen
why should I wait for love, if it comes as fast as he did?
he said, ‘wait. she’s with me. so send that other man walking with his two left feet’
now I hate my love, and now the other man’s floating in the dead man’s sea
and he’s floating face down because he’s a dead man, see?

don’t you cry, mama
we’ll be ok

Homeless Jazz

you are the product of a prodigal son

every other person wants to take on my son
acquit every little birdy on jailbird street
they’ll walk the walk with both damn feet
they know..laugh with me

can you walk like me?
can we both burn?

in a world so full of it
it’s only a waste of my time
but we love them anyway
yes we love them

I am the father of the prodigal son
never had I thought I would compete for my son
but he met another birdy on jailbird street
said she could walk with both left feet, she said
‘you are the body? well, oh. I rock the body well.’
‘let’s have it out and we’ll shake this old cell’
‘you rock the body? well go on and rock the body well’
‘let’s have it out and shake this whole town’

now kill the army
and I’ll send them all to hell
because they know what I did
I swear, I swear I will

let me kiss my momma
because I’m going straight to hell
daddy knows what I did
I swear, I swear I will

…do it again.

if we both burn. both of us can learn to…

we, the pros of con
let me count the ways
decades of excuses. I don’t want to know
my t.v. died today. that was my excuse
because I don’t want to know
I caught that girl justice cutting holes in her blindfold

I’ll take my brother’s hands, from the mother land to father’s grave
and I’ll break those other hands, from other lands, for father’s sake

Full paid justice, holiday truths, it’s all for you
You will pay for what they do, it’s all for you

I was blind the day they broadcasted revolution
I aint gotta know
so let me die today by work of evolution
I aint gotta know

buy me a new car and shiny diamonds
let’s start living in a way old money can’t be bored
buy my foreign cars and bloody diamonds
that’s not given away

H. Ledger
we’re biting off more piece of mind than we can chew, and oh…
did someone lose their head?
so many people, pretty people, many people
keep talking my head off

you bit into the apple didn’t you?
now chivalry is dead
make your bed and sleep in it with me
I’ll sleep when I’m dead

A better way to…
A better way for you

Let’s just say I never got an angel
I’ve got some skeletons myself
But I display them on the shelf
Because I never doubted you angel
But I guess the devil’s hot right now
So I’m better off right now

we’ve gotta find another way so we can remove
remove you from our heads
go tell these people, many people, pretty people
to chop all their heads off
we’ve gotta find another way to
to tidy up our beds
I’ve cleaned my sheets for dirty deeds and now I’m asleep
asleep, because I’m dead

and now I’m stuck on the back of the bus
the bus..back of the bus…back of the bus is where I’m proud

because Jesus is making fun of me

Over Being Under
I missed the offering, friends

none of us will reach the top
remember what I said
I’m selling out to the beat of that song in your head
“hey, hey, hey!! I’m stuck in back”
“I’m all the way up front”
“well I’m gonna take it slow”
I’m gonna face the fact that I’m a pro

you cannot pray for
they might as well be dying
and I want to find the only way
over and under
over and out, sir

celebrate the hedonist thought
and then we’ll rage for half an hour
until the devil’s lying naked passed out in my bed
you let him in, so get him out
caviar might taste the same with
antique platters decked with shit
bless the fame

[I missed the offering of caviar, with my head in the sand]
[I might have had a dish or two]

diamonds don’t mean shit if you don’t mine them for the world
they keep fighting over me they’ll waste a fight again
I’m so over it and you’re under it. wasted violent trends
they keep fighting over me. a waste of violent trends.

Day 54
to all my friends you’re all gonna die
and I’ll be stuck never wondering why
I aint sad. I’m more so upset
it was such a selfish manner in which all of you left
I talked to god, he saved you some grace
not to count up all the time that you wasted
you cheated death and that’s ok
but according to his watch you were already late
to question god is to question my faith
but heaven seems like such a questionable place [it is]
but while I’m here I know I’m alive
and it hurts me to know that you’re all gonna die

to all my friends you’ve already died
and I am stuck wondering why
see I aint mad, and I aint upset
because I’m the closest thing to sainthood you never will get
I talked to god, he saved you a place
a spot too far for you to spit in his face because
I never asked for you to believe
I just asked for you to say ‘goodbye’, before you leave

I hate say, ‘I told you so’
‘I told you so’

our memories at discount rates
still we can’t afford it
I believe in something so I hope you’re going somewhere

to all my friends who’d rather get high
I’ll be at ground level watching you die
fuck drugs and fuck straight edge
those are both the things that got the best of my friends
and to all the girls that make it a trend
to fuck all of my friends
we’ll all die of the same disease
whether you got it in bed or you got it on your knees

can’t wait to say, ‘I told you so’
I told you so

the boulder on my back has been washed away
the worst part is, I don’t miss the weight
the tide is high and they’re washing face
within the sea of time pissed away
the boulder on my back has been washed away
the worst part is I don’t miss the weight
when the tide is high I’ll watch them sink
into the sea of misery

to all my friends this is the end
I’ll leave you six feet under with those shit eating grins
to all my friends this is the end
and this is way more important than that bullshit with ben
to all my friends who’d rather be dead
I refuse to let you leave without this song in your head

all our memories, all at discount rates



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46 responses to “FAKE HISTORY//LYRICS

  1. Jacko

    and now the moment of truth

    Weezy or Obama?

  2. Hey, are the lyrics to “We, The Pros Of Con” incomplete? The chorus and final break seem to be missing.


    • Kyle

      I’d also like to know this… the lyrics I can pick out are beautiful… but I can’t quite get ’em all.

      • theletlivecrew.

        “my country ’tis of thee, sweet land of liberty. we’ll use blood red for the flag, and since [you said] stars are for ‘fags’, well instead we’ll use our great big dicks. you dick”

  3. elle

    who is ben? and what was the bullshit?

    • theletlivecrew.

      old friend. juvenile bullshit. clearly, there were things way more important for me to be bitching about, as I later realized. sorry Ben.


  4. Mike

    What about the chorus for We, The Pros of Con? It’s not there either

    • theletlivecrew.

      it’s actually written at the last “stanza” of the song. It’s right here, my man.

      “buy me a new car and shiny diamonds
      let’s start living in a way old money can’t be bored
      buy my foreign cars and bloody diamonds
      that’s not given away”

      hope that helps.
      thank you for caring, by the way. on some real shit. thank you.

      • Mike

        But there’s the whole part with the “All for you, it’s all for you and you will pay for what they do it’s all for you, it’s all for you” missing

      • theletlivecrew.

        aahhh touche, my friend. I have taken it upon myself to use my eyes and common sense to fix the error. thanks for the heads up.
        good lookin out, mike.

        that’s ll.ove

  5. Robert

    Hey man can you explain me the idea behind the song ‘Muther’?

    • theletlivecrew.

      well, to somewhat paraphrase (only because my lengthy responses are inhibited by phone usage and because I don’t wanna seem like an assuming asshole with some artfully crafted answer…not today, at least) the song “Muther” is a rather explicit song, in the fact that it does illuminate quite a personal issue. Simply put, this song is regarding infidelity. Albeit we have declared it’s subject matter, the song is not to be funneled into a particular circumstance. I have not, and rarely ever do I intend on songs to be exclusive in perception. I feel the song can best be applied to any sense of fleeting relationship, bond, union, alliance, what have you. But that’s just me. I may have written the song, but you’re interpreting it, and to be honest…I love that. In closing, this song touches upon said instance where an individual felt themselves to be in a position where they had very few options to escape this galling sense of living within a strenuous relationship. Some would say, myself included, a victim of exceptional circumstance. From the outside, their choices to commit adulterous acts could seem “shameful” in the face of typical reality. But I feel we have very little place in imparting our moral scruples unto subjects in which we are not involved. Of course, their are things that prove as absolute. Their will always be wrong and right. But there is also the subjective manner in which we are all living our lives. Mom and Dad may fall as the unblemished super heroes you may have believed them to be at one point, but this is where you may choose to remind yourself they were human beings as well. Human beings make mistakes, and human beings are granted the ability to forgive. This, again, is all a matter of how you choose to perceive and/or involve yourself in their always exceptional situation. Thanks for asking, Robert. Been a while since I last divulged.

      -jason aalon

      • Robert

        No problemo, much love man

        Love the album, love the lyrics, love your sick vocals

        -robert savich

  6. Omri

    Hi, something missing in Muther.
    After the “child support” part I can hear something that seems missing.

    In another subject, I must say you’ve made a fucking great album I hear it non-stop.
    I also see a lot of Glassjaw’s influence in Fake History, epically in the vocals and also in the lyrics, if I wouldn’t know I could swear that Daryl wrote those lines:

    “and to all the girls that make it a trend
    to fuck all of my friends
    we’ll all die of the same disease
    whether you got it in bed or you got it on your knees”

    Cheers and love from Israel,

  7. Robert

    Wanted to ask you another thing if you don’t mind, who influenced you as a band, and as a vocalist?

    I can definitely see a lot of Glassjaw influence in that record, and maybe some Finch (but that’s just me)

    Much love

    • theletlivecrew.

      Honestly, Robert, a lot of our influence as a band has been developed by a rejection of things we don’t like. I mean we’re not jaded assholes by any means, but…there’s a lot of shit out there we just do not condone. We dig into a lot of the classics. Mind you, it aint gotta be prior to the 18th century to be a classic. Trust, we all dig on the Smashing Pumpkins on some classic 90’s shit. Just the classics that made a consequential mark in their era. Bands that changed the game in their own respect. Bands that changed the world by their own rules. Whether that was a conscious decision or not. We back that kind of play. As a vocalist I have to give up to music with soul and love making properties, as well as truly pissed off individuals. I feel those two will find themselves intertwining in the fact that they mean what they say. Whether they’re giving women the chills with sultry sexual rhetoric while tearin’ up the wood boards on the dance floor at soul train, or yelling at the top of their lungs to kids that want to give them everything they have emotionally for that one night at their local venue that still allows stage dives. If you mean it, I back it. One.

      -jason aalon

  8. Ben

    I was hoping that you could explain the idea behind the song H. Ledger. My friend and I were discussing our interpretations of it and we are interested to hear what you have to say.

    • theletlivecrew.

      Absolutely, Ben. This song holds various tones all derived from the same subject matter. One general notion is how we as people typically develop our opinions by way of our own, as well as others, conjecture. We have found solace in preconception and seem to be fine with everyone’s refusal to read a book after judging it’s cover. This is all rather passe, but it is still very much present, therefore I am still willing to illuminate the issue hopefully in an interesting manner. Also, with this song I felt the need to utilize ironic devices to imply how strangely, through adversity, we can be granted the gift of disillusion and possibly begin to “find ourselves” relative to what we believe is right or wrong and not in the reflection of someone else’s moral/superficial mirror. Simply put, we must be comfortable enough to acknowledge our imperfections in all of their ironic glory. The physical, mental, emotional, social, etc. We must also accept indiscretions and understand they are integral in our progress as individuals and as a society and as friends and as lovers and as stupid fuckin idiots and as great leaders and as assholes and as (take your pick, unless the Reptilian race is real. In which case we’re all fucked. Conspiracy theorists, holla at me). By now I’m sure you have a better idea, or are wondering what in the world it is I’m rambling about. Either way, you’re thinking. That works for me. Holla at me, player.

      -jason aalon

  9. This may very well be the best album of 2010. Holy shit. I love your lyrics as well.

  10. Gary De Jesus

    Thank you. times infinity. You really can’t understand how much this album effected me. I haven’t given a shit about a bands lyrics in such a long time. But I find myself wanting to learn these lyrics all the time. They have such a huge sense of meaning to me.

    Thank you so much, I can only wish to make music as good as yours one day.

  11. Pinaki

    U guys are awesome, i just had a question about the lyrics for “Day 54″ When u say”fuck drugs and fuck straight edge” what exactly does it mean? Because i was wondering what was so bad about straight edge, were u referring to the elitism in the scene, or the hardliners or something???

    • theletlivecrew.

      Please excuse the belated response for we have been inhibited as of late due to work we must do for future happenings in our camp. Regarding those particular lyrics that you have read in the song “Day 54”, I took an approach that is typical to many lyricists and fueled the song with personal experience. This particular situation/segment in the song is alluding to a glaring and urgent instance with very close friends of mine where we had been existing as overzealous patrons of specific lifestyle choices and seemed to be foreclosing our understanding and acceptance of others, even our own immediate peers, family, societal environment. I began to observe people embarking on these committed journeys to “find themselves” or obtain a sense of belonging only to discard past learning and involvement with other lifestyles to create the tunnel vision for judgment. Same problem, new guise. Just as bad, but on the other side of the spectrum. To sum this up, I chose to use Straight Edge and Drugs as a representation of the dichotomy that people choose to utilize as a moral/immoral guage on the lives of themselves and others. I, myself, am considered Straight Edge, but I have never outwardly propagated the lifestyle as a choice for everyone. This is because there really is no such thing as one choice for everyone. I’d like to condone understanding, as painfully trite as it may sound. Albeit crass,I said this in our song knowing it would raise question. I would also hope it raises awareness to the triviality of brands, labels, and “scenes”. Maybe instead of “fuck drugs and fuck straight edge” I should have simply said, ‘fuck fanaticism’. Thank you for your inquiry. Smoke weed every day.

      -Jason Aalon

  12. evi1r0n

    I looked you up because you are playing with the Bled. I haven’t been this impressed by a record in years (since the Bled’s Found in the Flood, actually.) Thank you for having amazing lyrics and a great record.
    In the song Enemies/Enemigos what does:
    “y si me encuentras sangrando llamo los vampiros
    ay mi hijos” mean. I bable fished it but it wasn’t very comprehensible.

    • Dan

      From what I could figure out, though my Spanish is kinda rusty, I got “and if you find me bleeding, call the vampires my children.” I could be wrong, but that’s what I got out of it.

  13. Quintin

    I must say that this album was everything i could have hoped for and more. There is a great balance between singing and screaming and its mixed with a lot of really powerful lyrics… im sure you hear this all the time, but REALLY, great job. I saw you a couple years back when you played with bring me the horizon and misery signals and its great to see how youve progressed.

  14. hardcorexpato

    pure ll.ove for letlivecrew ❤

    real shit, i love it.

  15. Pinaki

    Sorry for the late reply on my part too, but thanks so much for replying, that’s exactly what i thought the lyrics meant,haha, and I agree totally, I would call myself straight edge too, but people who act like they are somehow better because they don’t drink or do drugs are just as fucked up as everybody else but they are in denial, which makes it even worse. haha and I would totally smoke weed every day if I didn’t go to a dumbass Christian school which somehow finds out about everything you do,lol

  16. Eddie

    Hey, just wanted to say this is a great record, and I can’t wait to see you in February with your demise

    Also wanted to ask who the guest vocalist on muther is?

  17. Dougal Mackenzie

    First off, you guys are one of the best bands i’ve ever heard. The energy on stage is something else.
    Anyways I am keen to know what the language is at the start of Enimigos/Enemies and the meaning?
    Cheers, much ll.ove for your band. x

    • Nate

      It’s Spanish. As written above, it translates as:

      “And if you find me bleeding, I’ll call the vampires.
      ay my children”

      Although I suspect it might be intended as “And if you find me bleeding, call the vampires.” But I’m not sure.

      Don’t know if the band still checks this, but I just want to say that this album is absolutely incredible. However, I’m even more impressed by the dudes themselves–stage presence, the way Jason has taken the time to explain the lyrics to fans on the WordPress. Thanks a lot, guys, can’t wait for new stuff/a live show.

  18. Ryan

    First off, I love the album. I was just wondering about the sick sick 6.8 billion. I get what you’re getting at, but what influenced you to write it? Thanks!

  19. Love, love “Fake History” one of the best albums I have even laid my ears on. I thank you for that, these lyrics are defiantly some of the best written I have cone across, could you explain the meaning behind “The sick, sick 6.8 billion” and is their a chance you could post the lyrics to your early albums up? Hit back, Luke!

    • Luke Rogers

      I fail, just noticed some mistakes- *Definitely, *Come and *There not their. I type way too fast- this is the only page I’ll go on when I feel like reading your lyrics, the reason being I love reading the meanings behind the songs. Still some of the best lyrics. Luke

  20. Rob

    Who’s the lady singing on “Muther”?

  21. Tom

    Hey guys, just wondering who sings with Jason on ‘muther’??

    • Jake

      It’s no one in particular, just a friend of Jason’s. I can’t quote, but I distinctively remember a section of text where he had said ”but she has a nice voice doesn’t she?”, when pressed about who the lovely woman was.

  22. Jarrell

    Letlive, You guys have some love in the Philippines. Just saying. Play a show here?

  23. Michelle

    I saw let live on their recent Australian tour with enter shikari and your demise. It goes for all 3 bands when I say I dig your mode of performance, the energy and passion that makes real music. You inspire me to do that too. The love, questioning the truth and the melody, you guys have it down pat. You bring the fire that was lit by at the drive in and refused. I only spoke to you Jason briefly after the show but I hope I get to meet you again and see you guys in my country soon.
    I’ve just got one question although it’s probably hard to answer. How the fuck do you write your lyrics? They’re s creative and the ‘read between the lines’ type. Is that what you intend on doing so that fans interpret it differently or is it all a very organic process?

  24. You are my biggest inspiration, so much so that as part of my portfolio for my Creative Writing course at University I have written an ode to you. I don’t want to seem all fangirlish, but it would be an absolute dream for you to read it; for any letlive fans to read it – here it is:

    I met a man at church on Saturday; he said “I’m here because I’m sick”
    And I’m sick too, Jason. But you knew that already, you counted us
    The sick, sick, 6.8 billion.
    We’re like blades, blades of grass in a rainless storm
    Intertwining, swaying, dancing with Speaker’s heavy winds
    Reaching beyond the iron clouds
    Reaching for you, the epileptic light.
    Shine bright, stand up.
    Stand up.

    I’ve spent too long on my back, Jason
    Writhing under the weight of waiting
    For my faceless King to come.
    But the jewel encrusted stain isn’t a fucking coronation
    Just a mess on the sheets to add decoration.
    Then you whispered in my ear:
    Why should I wait for love if it comes as fast as he did?
    And I stood up.

    Irn Bru; the choice of champions
    Too punk for champagne, though you like the irony of being
    ‘Kerrang’s Greatest Rock Star in the World’
    The aspiring acrobat, toying with statistics of the circus
    Every leap, flip, balance and twist
    Another example of Fake History.
    But when you land, your feet are firmly on the floor
    And you smile
    As you stand up.

    Obviously, I’ve quoted you a few times, but I tried rewording some of it, but why mess with perfection? Anyway, ll.ove.

  25. Anonymous

    I’ve really liked this album since I was introduced to your music at a live show. After reading the lyrics I’m straight up in love! Awesome work! I hope the rumors of you guys touring in the fall with ETID are true! Keep up the great work, I’ll keep listening!

  26. I’m curious, but the song “The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion” what exactly is the meaning behind it. It sounds almost anti-religious, but at the same time I get an idea that it’s a deeper conclusion that that. I could go on and on about my interpretation but I’m curious about others.

  27. Joe Spicer

    I love your music guys! I just saw you last night with Underoath at the union transfer and you were freaking awesome. I got a chance to tell the singer how great it was to see you guys live and that you guys rocked. I wanted to make sure the rest of the band knows how great the show was and i wanted to say thank you for putting out awesome music. Keep it up!

    Also i was wondering if you could explain the meaning behind Sick, Sick the 6.8 million? Thanks!

  28. Anonymous

    Yea was wondering about The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion as well.

    -I took it as a man who’s on his deathbed who is trying to get into heaven now but has waited too long because of Judgement Day so it doesn’t matter whether he gets saved or not now.
    -Not sure about the “father’s stitch on mother’s day” part
    -I took the chorus as:
    Afraid that the wait has only Given away this opportunity (reiterating what was said before)
    Lucky for me, the sun it sets It sets on and on again (sarcasm he hates it, but he can never get out of the rut he’s put himself into)

    don’t know if this is right at all, just my take

  29. Joe

    If you still visit letlivecrew please help me figure out we the pros of cons! Are you just generalizing any type of con or is the Government or “pharaohs” of the world? By the way awesome show in Salt Lake the other night.

  30. Hola Jesus

    I had no idea that Letlive had a wordpress and replied to comments, that’s great ! Great band btw

    ll.ove from france

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