Were you aware we’re now able to print organs? Yeah, neither was I.

I wanted to start this off by thanking everyone for the undying support of “Fake History”, and, more recently, the music video we posted. It means a damn lot to all of us. More than we can possibly express through a lifeless keyboard, so, find us one day and we will show you.

Which launches me into the next stanza.
We are working on releasing a couple of songs (yes, b-sides from “Fake History), along with said video, digitally, for you. However long until it comes to fruition, I can’t say. So, be on the lookout and keep updated with us.
We may have seemed a bit less involved lately, which is completely a result of us trying to iron out some wrinkles with our business prospects (Worst/best part of being in a band.), but, I assure you we are still here. We are so “here”, in fact, that we will be going “there” to most probably your city, or somewhere close, very shortly. Tours begin this next week, and, although not fully posted just yet, we will be out for the next two months. Come out and say “Hello.” to us and the others we are touring with (Lower Definition – amazing band/guys. And, others we are excited to be getting to know)
On a side note, we recently began looking into international touring, which will be a very exciting endeavor.
Lastly, a merch store should be up shortly. About fucking time, right? We came to the conclusion we’ve been doing it all wrong… Solution: merchandise, online, available for people to check out. Damn outlandish concept we seemingly never realized.


Listen to:
The Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

“Nausea” by Jean-Paul Sartre

Food for thought:
Let’s focus on the title of this post and weigh out some ideas. Scientists are now coming across a way to literally print organs or limbs (yes, print. Like Hewlett-Packard.) that may be failing in your own body. An article on it can be found here:
Absolutely insane. (In the best way, of course) This is one of the most complex and seemingly impossible things to be presented to humanity, and will extend life expectancy by light years if it’s able to be pulled off. That means that, when we have released the fifteen albums of our career, you’ll have to endure another forty albums until we call it quits in, let’s say, the year 2150… Sucks for you…
Science has a lot of focus on life expectancy as of late, and it’s definitely an interesting subject to contemplate. There definitely are a lot of contending differences with morality when it comes to the idea, but, personally, I wouldn’t mind prolonging another life’s worth of time on this rock. Someone else may be completely content with the amount of time they’re given, and let the inevitable happen – which is great. Definitely changes the idea and worth of life when put into perspective.

-R. Johnson



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6 responses to “Were you aware we’re now able to print organs? Yeah, neither was I.

  1. Truly amazing, the video, and the live footage. I have responded to the thank you email I was sent, and I can’t be more enthusiastic about promotion. I’ve taken the liberty of just making my own promotional posters for F.H. and throwing them up all over my small Canadian city. That being said, distro for you guys here is limited, and I can’t change that without support from Tragic Hero. Please email me with information on how to promote the band, and album, and I will spend all my free time making my city fully conscious of all the ll.ove you wish to share. I have all the tools at my disposal, i simply need your blessing and support. Saskatchewan, Canada’s willing soldier of fortune. Aries.

    • theletlivecrew.

      not sure why this wasn’t replied to eariler, but my friend…this is incredible. if you are privy to this wordpress, which I am assuming you are as we have spoken on this thing before, you will be able to recall our “GUERILLAZ AND GRASSROOTS” campaign in which we are making efforts to exhibit promotion and “messages”, if you will, by authentic means. Things like playing in the streets, the word of mouth (which is truly the best kind of promotion), spray painting on walls, posting bills containing letlive propaganda, blowing two credit card business buildings and their next door storefront and taking a picture of the explosion at the perfect moment so that in the photo it looks exactly like the “ll.” logo, but in a real cool, real life exploding font…you know, things like that. But I digress, I am writing this comment to make it clear to you and to make others aware that we feel YOU GET IT. Your comment was flattering and inspiring. People like yourself make us hopeful, and encourage us to continue with what it is we’re working towards and nudging us to work harder. This we love. This we love more than anything. People like you. Ideas like this. Methods and actual efforts with follow through. We will make sure we continue because we now know there are people out there that want to move forward with us. People that want to make this public. People that we fuckin’ love. That’s ll.ove.

  2. Robert

    Shit If you guys will come to Israel I’ll cream my pants, definitely

  3. The ethics of life expectancy is truly haunting. While as a human being I am more than overjoyed we have the abilities and technology to some day ‘print’ organs. Seriously, that’s fucking ridiculous! But, as a creature of this earth and a member of society, that scares the living shit out of me. Religion aside, is there not a natural order to things? At what point do we stop? Or are we not supposed to? Is that undying progression as intelligent creatures supposed to drive us into an ability for an infinite lifetime. Personally, I think not. Perhaps it’s because I believe in a God and I do have a desire to pass on at some point, but also as a societal member I believe it’s a terrible idea. With life expectancy growing the same as the government is, soon we will be able to live for hundreds of years which means population control which means government control of our very ability to live. Other things stem from life expectancy growing because of our advancement, and I believe something like that should be left to God(s) [or lack there of] above us. It will only hurt our personal, natural freedoms.

    ll.ove the music, ll.ove the ideals, keep ll.oving, guys. You are something worth having faith in in modern music.

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