//Unlikely inspiration.

We’ve been speaking of possibly releasing a video of a song from “Fake History” interpreted differently – if possible we’ll make it into a series. (Whether that be acoustically, or otherwise.) If you have any ideas as to what you’d like to hear, and how you’d like it to be executed, go ahead and shoot us the thought.
We’re now home for the next month (minus a few dates with Mozart Season), and have enough time on our hands to be artistic and create something. Possibly will lead to new music for a distant future, or videos of us performing what you know. Either way, we don’t like being at home too long… We’ve realized being on the road and meeting people, as well as performing, is where we need/want to be.
We want to release more information for the upcoming tours, taking place in September, October, and November, but, it’s not time just yet. We will be essentially covering the entire United States in those months – and, for those of you who reside over the pond, expect us soon after the new year.

Food for thought:

Has anyone read this just yet?
Pretty heavy criticisms coming from fans, or the lack thereof. But, what Mr. Buckley’s views consisted of were, relatively, valid – whether his band, his influences, or perception of what music truly is were, subjectively, correct or not.
Anyone can go through the decades and study music and its trends, and, if you truly understand the end result of the expressionism, you would realize it is extremely relative. To state a differing opinion is incorrect is, simply put, naive. Some may argue that, objectively, the greatest artists in history existed in The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, James Brown, Hendrix, Ella Fitzgerald, Skip James, Coltrane, etc. (could go on forever) – which, although I’m a huge proponent of every one of those artists, and listen to them all on a consistent basis, I’ve learned to be tolerant of the opinions of the naive, ignorant – or simply, with much less negative connotation, personal preference.
In the end, I believe that what music does to someone, and what emotions the listener receives from the experience are what matter. If you receive goosebumps while listening to (god forbid – in the utmost respectful manner) the infamous Brokencyde, while your more experienced friend is receiving an equal amount of euphoria listening to “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)”, then the experience is relative, and absolutely worth the same in every way. That is what is so great about music and what it does to you.
Now, of course, respectively, I would hope that the listener who may be interested in the more modern artists, would take the time to actually listen to, and understand, passed decades, just the same as we are barraged by the modern music realm – whether the artist be generally accepted, appreciated, and loved, or not.
But, of course, this is all directed completely toward the listener who considers them self a critic in any way. Your criticism can not be taken seriously if your view is close-minded, pigeonholed, and one-sided. I would love for everyone to take a step back and experience the greatness music had to offer in the past – not to discredit the present or future either.
Many would argue, just as Keith did, that the modern sub-culture of brightly colored t-shirts, and strange hair-do’s is a little tired – and possibly tacky in ways – but, every decade has had it’s strange, unorthodox trends. (i.e. Hair metal – not to say it was bad, but undeniably different.)
I hope that a lot of people just take the idea of ultimately being yourself, and letting others do just the same. (which, in the end, I’ve realized, coincidentally or not, are exactly the ethics our band’s name implies… Ha.) Everyone experiences things differently, and grows to understand things at different rates. No reason for you to be the bitter old man that hates the modern youth just yet – save that for later. Just enjoy your tastes and possibly suggest them to the others who may not know about them just yet. And if anyone would like musical suggestions from this band, any one of us would love to talk music with you. We all have very diverse and different views of great music, and could talk about it for hours.


Some footage from our recent show at The Smell.

-R. Johnson
Reflect upon, understand yourself and what you stand for. Belief or the lack thereof – in anything.



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6 responses to “//Unlikely inspiration.

  1. Robert

    personally, I would love to hear acoustic tracks from you guys. it can be songs from ‘fake history’, ‘speak like you talk’ and even ‘exhaustion, saltwater and everything in between’, or it could be new tracks. also it would be cool if you did some covers.

    whatever you record, I would listen.

    and it would be great if all the members would write their top 5/10 favorite albums.

    much love,

  2. laur

    i agree with robert,
    anything you put out i would love to hear., but i think acoustic would be pretty sweet.

    and some b-sides if you dont mind 😉

    i did read that article and your response to it was perfect

    oh and the comment on the ethics your band name implies..
    it seems i want ll. tattooed on me more and more everyday

    i would also like if you posted your top 5 fav albums,
    or even just songs youre really into right now

    i fucking miss you

  3. Ike

    what does jasons chest piece say ?

  4. Bobby

    I think it would be incredible to hear Day 54 acoustically.

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