Finite living.

Some news

We have an increasingly important show on September the 16th at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA. Make sure you come out to it – it should be fun. Maybe we will have some new merchandise by then…

There are multiple advances on the horizon for us, and we’re more than eager to announce them – but, sadly, can not do so just yet.
One that we are able to is as follows:

The Bled/Oh Sleeper/A Plea For Purging tour dates

Sep 22 – Lancaster, CA @ Allied Arts Cedar Center
Sep 23 – Bakersfield, CA @ Jerry’s Pizza
Sep 24 – Fresno, CA @ Club Retro
Sep 25 – Modesto, CA @ Modesto Virtual
Sep 26 – Portland, OR @ Satyricon
Sep 27 – Seattle, WA @ Studio Seven
Sep 28 – Spokane, WA @ The Blvd
Sep 30 – Ogden, UT @ The Basement
Oct 1 – Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
Oct 2 – Wichita, KS @ Eagles Lodge
Oct 3 – Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Music
Oct 6 – Wichita Falls, TX @ The Hangar
Oct 7 – Lubbock, TX @ Conference Cafe
Oct 8 – Fort Worth, TX @ Ridglea Theatre
Oct 9 – Waco, TX @ Art Ambush

We’ve been on the news, up north with Mozart Season (whom we will be dealing with shortly in the future once more), and much less important, messing around with music for a distant future.

Food for thought

Current Music

Check this out, it’s been my constant.
Holmes – Wolves

-R. Johnson



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4 responses to “Finite living.

  1. Denzel Harrington

    I really couldn’t agree with you more on that post. I really hope that someday, everyone gets their act together… We need to make this world a better place.

    (By the way, I hope San Diego gets added to the list :])

  2. Hmmmm

    Now as much as I love ll.’s music, I cant help but think about how ignorant the second half of this blog post really is.

    America’s economy is in shambles, we live in a era with a grim future, its like the era after the great depression all over again. What we need is people to SPEND now, more than ever. We can convert the vast nation of America into a less consumer based populous later, but for now, if people stop spending (which they largely have due to job loss, and general scare), the economy will take yet another huge dip, leading to even worse situations than even the current.

    Its a lot easier to talk about how bad the american people are morally and statistically, and think boo hoo I wish I was from italy, or south america because shit is sooooo much better over there (irony).

    Don’t repost CNN’s latest and greatest idea’s over here. Buy a legitimate economics book, read it, and then post.

    • theletlivecrew.

      I digress. As strange as it may seem, I was not taking into consideration the current economic situation, yet, superfluous spending seems to be – even to the most economically inclined politician – one of the many problems that quickened the decline. The introduction of credit and the lack of funds to support the spending made the already hindered economy completely collapse – or at least, so it seems. Building the economy back on the sand foundation it was originally supported on may not be the best solution, but, for better or for worse, it may possibly be the only solution people have for now.

      But, on a side note, I guess the main point wasn’t solely the economic outcome particularly, but more so the impact on the place we live, and the social deterioration of forward thinking. In the end, a rant is a rant, and my intent was not meant to be over analyzed – which is partially my fault for posting on such a public medium. I’m certainly not a scholar, and would love to expand upon my understanding and studying of many subjects.
      I would also like to address the plethora of parameters I may have left out in the post – considering my mind wasn’t particularly clear or as easily understood as I’d liked it to have been while writing. Nonetheless, biased and opinionated as it is, it is posted – not to be taken too literally, but just to bring to mind a certain viewpoint criticizing consumerism.

      Regardless, you are correct in a strong sense, and I apologize for the slip of ignorance regarding our current economic disposition.
      Finally, ll.ove – I’m glad you like the music. Truly.

      – Ryan.

  3. Isaac

    uhm, yeah. anyways, saw you guys in Seattle and just wanted to give my love and thanks. Heard about you guys through (they’re fuckin in love with you guys!) and I know you all probably don’t like the comparison, but you guys seriously got what it takes to be the next At The Drive-In. Keep it up guys, fan for life right here.


    ps. whoever thought of using the Saturn Devouring His Son piece for merch is seriously a fuckin genius. GENIUS.

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