New alchemy.

We will be releasing important updates, eventually.
We will be releasing important updates, possibly.
We will be releasing important updates, in time.
We will be releasing important updates, appropriately.
We will be releasing important updates, perhaps.
We will be releasing important updates, hopefully.

We will be releasing important updates, (probably).
We will be releasing important updates, (as one option).

Food for thought (no pun intended):

   /ˈmɒnəˌkʌltʃər/ [mon-uh-kuhl-cher]
–noun Agriculture.
the use of land for growing only one type of crop.

In modern agriculture the fruits are produced and chosen based upon the sweetest, generally most satisfying final assortment. These fruit trees are propagated asexually through something called grafting (where the tissues of the blossoms from the sweetest trees are inserted into a small slit in the trunk of newly sprouted trees – at which they fuse and create a replication of the previous, perfectly sweetened fruit.) There are setbacks in the replication process. The trees aren’t allowed to evolve in the process – i.e. create genes to fight against virus’ or insects that may keep the plant from successfully growing. This is why insecticide is created – the plants aren’t able to protect themselves. In the end the plant is affected directly by production fueled by the popular demand of consumers and their inherent inclination toward sweet edibles. Of course, most of the time, rightfully so. A bitter apple is a bit hard to swallow. At which the bitter apples were, and occasionally still are, typically used for hard apple cider (that is, alcoholic cider.). But, there are thousands of apples that are equally as sweet, if not more sweet, or produce more interesting qualities that the macintosh, golden delicious, or granny smith apples do not. Those are what interest me most, personally. The undiscovered, unique apples.
A lot of the detail here is irrelevant while trying to describe my final point, but interesting nonetheless. (maybe just personally…)
The main point, I believe, is the production and deterioration of the monoculture. (the word – definition following, standing pretentiously in the introduction of this post. Please forgive the condescension.) It can so very easily be carried over into endless factions of culture metaphorically.
Take music into account, for example. It’s production purposes – as well as it’s inevitable and obvious side effects. The lack of desire in variation. The “monoculture” that develops a specific metaphoric music “apple”, that is endlessly sweet, never bitter, and lacking contrast – not to mention flaws and other unique qualities that keep it fresh, interesting, and exciting. Unexpected surprises and “genetic mutations”. Of course, this is by no means discrediting the music. It is moreso addressing the obvious lack of contrast, and my personal (as I’m sure many can also relate) desire, for fresh new “fruit”, or, music. Just like produce, it is fueled by the consumer. It’s easy – and at times fun – to support the music that is so easily available and familiar to your immediate taste. And everyone, absolutely including me, buys into that world. But there is also a lot that is left out with a focused mentality on that popular selection. Some very unique and interesting pieces. Some of which will make you feel something entirely different than what you’re accustomed to feeling. You should, very obviously, hold on to your personal preference, and become a master in the art of your preferred genre – but, at the same time, you need the “genetic variation” and “mutation” of influence from other genres and ideas to understand the evolution and fresh progression of it. It is always great to support and explore bands that may be, subjectively, interesting – rather than buy into the popular opinion and scrutiny. Which, in the end, if personally possible, is a great mentality while creating music. Just takes the smallest amount of thought and effort to understand the greatness of, not only music, but everything in life. That simple initial thought and effort will unfold boundless amounts of information and intriguing ideas in any field, that keep your mind keen and progressive. In moderation, and with subjectivity in mind, as goes with most in life.

On a side and completely separate note, a bacterium has made an argument, and could care less about your rebuttal:


Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s – Buzzard

-R. Johnson


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