“Creation care”? You’ve got to be joking…

And the office’s are back in motion; a year well spent, but now entirely passed.

Here we are compiling a list of very notable individuals and websites whom have given us recognition (one’s we’re thanking endlessly, and this passed year would not have been complete without you.):

Jona Weinhofen’s 2010 Top Album’s
Absolute Punk’s Prestigious Members top 30
Bedwetting Cosmonaut Top Albums
Bill Lohr at DecoyMusic.com
Decoy Music writer Top 10 mention
Another Decoy Music Top 10

This year will see a lot of movement from the letlive. camp; tours, label announcements, and most importantly, new music.
On that note, it is very possible we are currently in the studio – working musically. For what exactly, we unfortunately can not say.
Stay golden, pony men and women. We’re here to walk you through the year.

Food for thought:

“Melville hoped for a life that steers happily between two dangers: nihilism and fanaticism.”

-R. Johnson



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2 responses to ““Creation care”? You’ve got to be joking…

  1. Paul

    the Gill and Beez Metal hammer podcast has given you a lot of coverage. the Gill and Beez facebook page has a lot of love fro your album. rightly so to every song is a abnger

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