this is letlive.

Think about it// Birth a creation. Cultivate something that you can hopefully halfway claim as “your own”. Then tell me how much you have left in yourself- not only to commit to the latter period of gestation, but to actually sustain your esteemed magnum opus. Verbiage…I know. But I’m just trying to do something differently. Something “new” and indubitably captivating. Free of sterile character and homogenization (I deem it necessary to illuminate my apparent sarcasm and satire in the former sentences. I’m hoping you smirk with me when reading this, as I have been while writing it).

Allow me to enlighten you to the conversation being held with myself inside my psyche:

Jason Aalon the pragmatic optimist: “I just want to be different”

Jason Aalon’s own “devil’s advocate” typically put in place to conclude well rounded answers: “You mean you want to be different, just like everyone else?”

Jason Aalon the pragmatic optimist: “No. What I guess I meant to say was, ‘I want to do something different for everyone else’ ”

Jason Aalon’s own “devil’s advocate” typically put in place to conclude well rounded answers: “You know what? That’s good way to look at it.”

self aggrandizing

that was Jason Aalon.
this is letlive.



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4 responses to “this is letlive.

  1. Shem Lucas

    I Ll.ove reading your wordpress, it is so awesome to connect with music in a new way like this, to read thoughts and feelings that go into the music and to have them be intelligent and well thought out, it adds a new dimension to the experience.

    It is also refreshing that you do not preach to people, in that you do not insist they are wrong unless they share the same point of view, merely show them things and allow them to make up their own minds, that all combined with the new and interesting things you are doing like Grassroots keep me coming back again and again and inspire me to listen to your music even more than i already was.


  2. Anonymous

    Can you explain the story behind Mutha?

  3. I’d just like to say I saw you guys at reading festival and it was the first time I’d seen or heard letlive. and it was one of the most incredible live performances I have ever witnessed. It actually brought raw tears to my eyes and inspired me.
    Like the poster above I was wondering the story behind ‘Muther’ and Micheal and the car window.
    Anyway, thankyou for playing the festival for it would have taken me a lot longer to catch on to what you guys are doing had you not. I hope to see you play live again soon as there are rumours you will be playing a show in my local area, fingers crossed.

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