EPITAPH. 20ll.

our friends in the far east say it’s the year of the rabbit . we would like to disagree. respectfully, of course.

letlive. x EPITAPH RECORDS// [20ll.]



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4 responses to “EPITAPH. 20ll.

  1. Nic

    Congratulations guys! Seriously couldn’t have happened to a better, more deserving band!

  2. Matt Shaffer

    I LOVE your band! Please keep going! The world needs more bands with that “fire” that you guys have. PLEAAAAASE keep it up! Look forward to seeing you guys make jaws drop live!

  3. great job boys, couldn’t be more proud. 🙂

  4. Alastair Walker

    I sadly won’t be able to see you on your tour of the UK for one reason or another. But I watched the show you did in Hamburg as someone kindly uploaded it and it showed just an amazing live band you are. I will be mostly definitely pre-ordering Fake History so when it is released on the 11th April I will have it immediately. I hope when you come back here you have a bigger slot and more and more people come to see you. I heard Fake History and found it to be brilliant and has to be my favourite album from last year. Just come back soon alright 🙂

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