oh, it’s upside down?

let me turn this mother fucker up right now.


[hip hop is to punk rock as punk rock is to hip hop]


Jason Aalon



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4 responses to “oh, it’s upside down?

  1. Anonymous

    Go to Rassia with Enter Shikari:З

  2. fia

    damn, jason. i wanted to ask you what your favorite band or singer is, after the gig with enter shikari in cologne, but i forgot it.
    at least you gave me a high 5 and hugged me.
    but damn, i really want to know.

  3. Anonymous

    hey jason im josh im the guy u met at rockettown when u opened up for the deviil wears prada im going to talk to rockettown about this but if i can get u a headline show can my band open up for yoou guys were a speed metal band

  4. keanu molina

    lets do a house show in San Antonio Tx. we can set it up

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