43 responses to “THIS IS LETLIVE.

  1. Such a great blog. Can we hook up a video interview? I work for an action sports website (grindtv) and though they will probably reject the material that I want to get out of this interview I still would like to do it, maybe youtube it personally, because the message is important regardless of where it is seen. Thanks. (Teddy)

  2. I know you boys are adventurous, thought this might be some fun reading. Please make it known if you’re ever in SF.

  3. Soyer Cole

    I’m so incredibly proud of you guys.

  4. Eric Reyes

    Where can i find the lyrics.

    This album is arguably the best album ive heard in a very long time.

    It would be nice to have lyrics to go with those bitchin tunes.

  5. ariesveil

    I have recently come upon your album, and it has blown me away. You seem to be the most refreshing thing in a stale and saturated music landscape. Please come to Western Canada as soon as possible. If you need places to sleep, food, and maybe even money to come, I would be please to help. It would be so worth it. Contact me if you plan on touring in Saskatchewan.

    • theletlivecrew.

      it’s hard to emote through digital text. but we definitely make heavy efforts to do so. THANK YOU. thank you from the bottom of each one of our hearts. to have people understand what we’ve done is the greatest gift. people like you serve as our inspiration. we’re getting way too deep. so we’ll stop. we’re just now in love. that’s all

  6. Hey, guys. Barge (bass) from Release The Hounds. Amazing show the other day. I’ll admit to not feeling your music at first but after seeing it live and seeing what kind of people you guys really are…I’m coming around. Guess I might have to take some shit from Brandon for doubting the power of Letlive but it’s worth it. Keep on keeping on! Music needs bands like this.

    Release The Hounds

    • theletlivecrew.

      we love honesty. and honestly, we now love you. we promise to keep on keeping on. for you.
      mad ll.ove

      p.s. we love la crosse. can’t wait to be back with you guys again.

  7. Jordan

    Seriously your music is Amazing get yourself to the Uk.. you will get a Huge fan base if it gets introduced over here!

    • theletlivecrew.

      we want to. we want to very badly. let’s work together on us getting over there and then we can have dinner and discuss current affairs. or just eat chips and iron bru. either way…we’re in.

      mad ll.ove

  8. Jim

    Hey-hey, greetings from London, England.

    Read a review of your album at punknews this afternoon, checked out a couple of your tracks on YouTube and was the proud owner of Fake History – via iTunes – about half an hour later. It slams.

    I don’t really buy into the post-hardcore/metalcore/whatcha-ma-call-it-core scene at all, but I’m a massive fan of Glassjaw, At The Drive-In, Refused etc. Long-winded way of saying it, but I think I’m divorced enough from the scene to be able to tell the poseurs from those that have got something worth giving and don’t hold back in doing so.

    Basically, there was enough in your music upon first listen to grab me and consider you in the same bracket as those aforementioned esteemed bands.

    Anyhow, thanks for doing what your doing and keep it up. Oh, and get over to London ASAP – pretty please.

    Death To False Metal.


  9. Munzer

    Well, hello Letlive.
    I’ve heard rumours of you guys playing in Denmark. Is this true?

    I’m the guy who introduced my friends, Tim & Rockfreaks to your music and kept pushing for a review of your new record.

    So good things actually happens from small-time promoting 🙂

    – Munzer

    • theletlivecrew.

      Dear friend, this does hold some truth. We are still hammering out the details and hoping to confirm later this year. Just know, it’s for you and the others that gave us incentive to be over there. That’s real.

  10. duxtail

    true poets, and real dudes. couldnt be happier to have met, such an inspiring and DIY group of individuals. thank you from the bottom of my heart

  11. Alex

    Hey guys,

    I’m Alexandre, 17 years old, from Paris, France.
    Just discover your band and your “Fake History” a few weeks ago thanks to the french webzine Alternativ News: Hum I’m writing this comment just to congratulate you guys. You are fucking-fucking-fucking-fucking awesome and talented musicians. Can’t stop listening “Fake History”. Probably the best album I’ve heard this year and in my whole (young) life. You are the most original post-hardcore bands to come out in the pass years. I’m trying to find the words to explain how I feel when I listen “Fake History” … Brilliant, Incredible, Uncontrollable, Insane, Punch-In-Your-Face, Ballsy, Groovy, Touching, Honest, Pure, Beautiful, … You save the genre, you save my faith in music & you save the state of music. Love you guys, love your music, love everything about you. “Letlive is ll.ove” oh yeah. Really hope your band gets recognized. You deserve that. And If you don’t blow up, LIFE’S A BITCH and then something is wrong with music industry today.

    (+ Jason: You are a beast who owns easily Daryl Palumbo. Love you Buddy.)

    First question: Can’t find your record physical on french stores. I will buy “Fake History” on
    TragicHeroRecord but where I can find more merch? (first two albums & more t-shirts?)

    Another question: Will you come in Europe soon? Please If you will come DON’T FORGET FRANCE.


  12. Amanda

    Dear boys,

    Im hearing a rumor you will be in Philadelphia in October. I plan to be there if said rumor is true, and buy you all a drink after.

  13. hey! Either i’m as dumb as they come or you guys make it hard to find the link with those shirts you’ve been selling! Where’s it at?

    Also, wish you were playing Austin on this tour but hopefully my boss will let me off early enough to make the trek to San Antonio. It’ll be close with traffic and the distance… do you know what time you’ll be going on roughly?

  14. Andy.

    just wanna’ be the latest to say.


    (preferebly Manchester , England)

    But what the hell im a travelling man.

    ‘Fake History’ is impossible to compliment.

    Im spreading your music as much as i can over here.

    hope your all good.


  15. Ron and Michelle

    We caught you guys at Studio 7 in Seattle. You were sick! Best show we’ve seen in years. We even got a chance to have a short chat with Jason outside the venue in our car on the way home. Way to be a super nice dude. Hope to see you in Seattle again.
    -Ron and Michelle

  16. JT

    A show in the northern regions of California would be much appreciated. I’m willing to bribe you guys with food and Arizona teas if you would play another show in Sacramento.
    <3(that is a heart)

  17. Paul

    I just thought that the least I could do is stop by and say, plainly, thanks. You’re albums helping me through a quagmire, so again, thanks for putting out something that’s real.

  18. Dillon Wilson

    Hey fella’s! I’m a fellow BroShip’r from SLC currently living in Phoenix going to school…. any chance I could get into the show tonight at the Warehouse?
    please email me if at all possible… I love watchin ya guys and it was be a fuggin’ treat!


  19. hardcorexpato

    i love you so damn much

  20. clokies

    The UK needs you!!! please do a headline tour after Download or a warm-up gig before. x

  21. Christian

    I love you guys.
    There’s so much emotion and feeling in the music and lyrics.
    Jason signed my album. I just had to put that in there haha.
    Thanks man, you’re a big inspiration.
    -Stand up-

  22. You guys played in Bloomington, ill. and it was awesome! For some reason, my friend and I were the only ones singing your songs and it made me sad… We saw some of our other friends at the show and after your set, my friend and I received text messages from them saying, “WHO WAS THAT BAND :O” I think that alone explains the feeling people get when they see you guys live. I will be seeing you tomorrow in Iowa City and you are headlining so I am hoping you play Enimigos/Enemies!
    Stand up! ll.

    • Anonymous

      Okay, so the Iowa City show was awesome! Maybe 20 kids and everyone was going nuts! I loved that you guys played We, The Pros of Cons and Day 54 during your encore! My buddies and I were praying you’d play Day 54 and the fact that you ended with that was awesome! I loved that after one song, you took the time to come and introduce yourself to me haha. You are awesome and I wish you guys the best! See ya in Chitown in Dec!

  23. Sid Curry

    Hey guys, i’m just a fan from england and i have only really got into you recently and i ll.ove you guys. I already keep checking your websites too see if you are doing a headline tour in england and visiting manchester (i do understand you are touring with enter shikari but i dont have a ticket :(, ), i run a appreciation blog of jason called it would be cool if you could check it out and maybe considering making a tumblr and following us? i literally cant wait until the day i meet you all, come to manchester on a headline tour soon or just come chill 🙂 notify me if you are!

  24. Cristi

    You were great last night at the plaza live in orlando! i really enjoyed it. perhaps we’ll see you again soon.

  25. keanu

    Yo letlive was up its that crazy ass Punk from San Antonio I see yall every time yall go to the white rabbit. I fuckin love the fake history album can stop hearing it I hope yall play Day 54 next time yall come yall kick ass Punks Not Dead

  26. Michael

    This is such an addicting band. I saw you guys a couple months back in Sacramento. You guys opened that show perfectly. I talked to Jason after and he is such a humble, down to earth guy. This band is truly an inspiration. Much love to the 5 of you. ❤

  27. Yo jason how u been man it keanu c yall in Austin

  28. Hopey.

    i honestly am in love with every single one of you fellas.
    mad respect and pure ll.ove ❤

    keep doin' what you are doin' for the sake of us all! 🙂

  29. See yall with Enter Shkari at the White Rabbit put on a great show like always Jason an all of ll.etlive

  30. Josh Muncke

    Hey Guys,
    I saw you play at the Sydney Soundwave last Sunday and I was amazed by the energy you put out to the people. I got Fake History the day after and it’s been on repeat since then. The lyrics and the emotion that is put raw into the song is so compelling and compassionate and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your music, which reflects you as people. Please come back to Australia I already miss you guys!!!!
    Be safe guys,


  31. Helli Jarvinen

    hey sweety, italy miss your craziness! come early here again! xo

  32. ll.auren

    hello there sir’s
    i figured its more likely for you to read this rather than something on facebook.
    TWO years ago you played a show in st.catharines (w dead and divine & the bled.
    i had no idea who you were nor was i at all expecting to see what i saw ! (one of the greatest performances experienced)
    i feel as though it is safe to say my life has not been the same since, Im sure you know why its not just because of your music. you guys know who you are so i think you can figure out the effect you had on me (and most of your fans) without me going into grand detail or writing a novel and such. plus words can be so feeble and i dont want to betray the feelings they would fail to express.

    I just fucking miss you guys and i dont even know you. thats what its like.
    so do me a solid, come back to st catharines or any surrounding areas because id like to see your faces
    and even better idea would for you guys to play scenefest (google dat shit)

    I know youre busy becoming insanely successful and all, so i understand if you cant make it here, no worries

    but know im SO fucking happy for you, keep the revolution going, one fucking word.


  33. I saw you guys about two weeks ago (in AZ with Pierce the Veil) and I am so excited to see you guys again at warped tour. Even though Jason scarred the crap out of me when he was climbing on the balcony. My brother showed me you guys right after Fake History came out so it was a big deal finally getting to see you all live. Thanks for being incredible guys! (:
    and happy easter!
    Much love,
    Libby Jo.

  34. Parker Hill

    Hey I really love your band, and I saw you guys at warped tour west palm beach and you killed it. Well I bought a shirt and your merch guy said they were out of mediums for the black shirt with soul punx on the back. So he said a small would fit and he says he promises and stuff and I tried it on and it doesn’t fit is there anyway I can send you that shirt and get a medium please?

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