oh, it’s upside down?

let me turn this mother fucker up right now.


[hip hop is to punk rock as punk rock is to hip hop]


Jason Aalon



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From hell, to hell.

The offices are traveling and the year is entirely booked.
If you like new music, you’ll be inclined toward next year.

Here are two of the three t-shirt designs we will be presenting in the coming months. Enjoy:

Charles Mingus – The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady

Food for thought

A tangible musical purchase may not be eternal, but it’s memory and worth are endlessly satisfying.

-R. Johnson


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My memories are like coins in the devil’s purse: when you open it you only find dead leaves.

Currently listening to:

We have completed the first of many European trips, and to say we simply had an incredible time would be unjust. Words can not express the amount of overwhelming emotion we gathered from the experience. This includes the support from mainland Europe, and especially the UK. If you are wondering if we will be back this year, we will. That’s all we are able to say at the moment.

We are now home, taking some time off to relax and recharge in New Jersey. Soon we will be playing a few dates to connect us to South By Southwest, and ultimately home.

As far as plans afterward are concerned, we hopefully will be able to put something together at home, and perform for everyone at some point before we leave again in April. Speaking of April, that is the month we re-release the album that many of you are already acclimated with – except this time we are including some bonus tracks.

To elaborate on the re-release:

– Three tracks will be included at the end of Fake History.

– These include two b-sides from the original release (which, on a side note, happen to be the first two songs that we wrote as a band years ago. Funny how that works out.), and one brand new track which includes production by Brett Gurewitz.

Pre-orders can be handled here.

We plan on being out most of this year, and covering a lot of ground we have, as well as have not covered in the states and elsewhere (Canada? Yeah.). Soon heaps of dates in support of that statement should be announced. For what is already confirmed check here.

That is just about as far as this update can currently go.

-R. Johnson


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EPITAPH. 20ll.

our friends in the far east say it’s the year of the rabbit . we would like to disagree. respectfully, of course.

letlive. x EPITAPH RECORDS// [20ll.]


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this is letlive.

Think about it// Birth a creation. Cultivate something that you can hopefully halfway claim as “your own”. Then tell me how much you have left in yourself- not only to commit to the latter period of gestation, but to actually sustain your esteemed magnum opus. Verbiage…I know. But I’m just trying to do something differently. Something “new” and indubitably captivating. Free of sterile character and homogenization (I deem it necessary to illuminate my apparent sarcasm and satire in the former sentences. I’m hoping you smirk with me when reading this, as I have been while writing it).

Allow me to enlighten you to the conversation being held with myself inside my psyche:

Jason Aalon the pragmatic optimist: “I just want to be different”

Jason Aalon’s own “devil’s advocate” typically put in place to conclude well rounded answers: “You mean you want to be different, just like everyone else?”

Jason Aalon the pragmatic optimist: “No. What I guess I meant to say was, ‘I want to do something different for everyone else’ ”

Jason Aalon’s own “devil’s advocate” typically put in place to conclude well rounded answers: “You know what? That’s good way to look at it.”

self aggrandizing

that was Jason Aalon.
this is letlive.


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Darwin save the queen.

Two shirts that will be submitted, and hopefully sold for our European endeavor.
Possible it will end up only being one of them; we will see.

Hope you enjoy.

-R. Johnson

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L’avenir est proche.

Bonjour, agréable pour vous rencontrer.

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